Garam Eo ( ु⁎ᴗ_ᴗ⁎)ु.。oO                                            (photographer?)
○ Eating alone, a user’s manual
- “What does the act of eating means?”

Hon Bab is a combination of two words, Honja (Korean for alone) and Bab (translated to a meal). Hon bab means the act of eating alone.

          Recently, Hon Bab became a huge trend in South Korea. This expanded the realm of dining culture, increased the value of simple means of life-sustaining to complex cultural stages. This is closely related to a decline in family size as well as changes in society and industrial structures: the external reflection of our generation’s gradually increasing isolation and independence. This phenomenon leads the culture of Muk bang, which means, “a video of a person eating a meal,” which is growing fast in Korea. Muk bang is a kind of supplement for those who eat alone. They watch a video of another person eating the meal to have a feeling of eating together. With <Eating alone a user's manual> project, I want to introduce the dining culture of Korea, which is Hon bab and Muk bang, and also give a question to think about. “What does the act of eating mean?”