Garam Eo ( ु⁎ᴗ_ᴗ⁎)ु.。oO                                            (photographer?)
○ My mom said, “You cannot be married, because you can not have a baby.”

Dear, Mom

I remember sitting next to you in the hospital in front of the doctor.

I remember  all the sounds becoming muted when he told me I might have cancer.

I remember you asked the doctor if I could have a baby, or wether I couldn't.

I remember I tried to hold back my tears - but you were too calm.

I remember you told me,

I can’t be married because I can not have a baby.

Mom, I think you are wrong.

But mom, actually I also used to think like that.

But mom, now I do not agree anymore.

But mom, I will give birth somehow.

Just wait and see.

Your one and only daughter,



On the 11th February 2020, I had an operation.
A cesarean section of about 15cm, my uterus was cut in half like an apple. My mom said that I can’t be married, because I can’t have a baby. I know what it means to be unable to carry a child in a society where women are naturally expected to reproduce.

My voice is easily silenced, and my name is given without my permission. I constantly struggle with things that are taken away from and given back, but I always get frustrated in the end.

Nevertheless, I will speak and deter the repeated failures I have experienced. I will not end in tragedy. The alienated voice, the non-trivial language, and the life that can never be peaceful.

Photo by @joosungjae_